CFW Celebrates 50 Years of Wetland Wisdom

There was a radical coevolution of science, policy and industry in 1973, the year the Center for Wetlands was founded by H.T. Odum. What began as a project to assess the use of wetlands in recycling wastewater has evolved into… Read More

Student Calvin Kang Awarded Best Poster Presentation

Student poses with poster.

Congrats to our student Yiyang Kang for receiving the best poster presentation award at the 2023 SNRE Research Symposium! Kang explored the connection between mangrove vegetation structure and soil organic carbon across a tropical-temperate transition zone. His research found that as the winter temperatures… Read More

Sharmin Siddiqui Successfully Defends PhD

Congratulations to Sharmin Siddiqui, who successfully defended her doctoral thesis in March! Dr. Siddiqui’s work focuses on how human activities and infrastructure impact riverine ecosystems, specifically quantifying the effects of landscape disturbance on ecosystem response and resilience in the Amazon… Read More