Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar

Fall 2011 Schedule

Howard T. Odum Center for Wetlands
Conference Room, Phelps Lab
Wednesdays 11:45 – 12:35 pm

Click on titles to watch the recorded presentations.

24Mark Brown, Professor, Env. Eng. Sciences
Mark Clark, Assistant professor, Soil and Water Sciences
Introduction… food for thought
31Mark Brown, Professor, Env. Eng. Sciences & Director of the H.T. Odum Center for WetlandsA floating island pilot project for lake phosphorus removal(PDF, sildes only)
7Ravi Srinivasan, Asst. Professor, Rinker School of Building Construction, UFRe(de)fining NetZero Energy: Renewable emergy balance in environmental building design (slides only)
14Laila Racevskis, Asst. Professor, Food and Resource Economics, UFEcosystem services: Understanding values, policies and markets in Florida and beyond (slides only)
21Kathryn Frank, Asst. Professor, Urban and Regional Planning, UFEverglades ecosystem management initiatives: leaders or followers for climate change and sea level rise adaptation (with audio! recording problem fixed)
28Marie Kurz, Ph.D. candidate, Geology, UFInfluence of autotrophic assimilation and other biogeochemical controls on diel elemental cycling in streams
5Kimberly Bohn, Asst. Professor, School of Forest Resources & Conservation; Chair Elect, Florida Society of American ForestersRegeneration and recovery of cypress-tupelo wetlands following logging
12Christine Overdevest, Asst. Professor, Sociology and Criminology & Law, UFPredicting risk perceptions of expert stakeholders in a Florida water supply planning process
19Sean King, Ph.D. candidate, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UFEffects of flow on filamentous algae in Florida springs
26Matteo Convertino, Postdoc Research Assoc., Agricultural & Biological Engineering, UFDecision model drives enhanced adaptive management in response to econo-climate changes (no recording due to technical difficulties, link is to an abstract for more information about this research)
2Daeseok Kang, Associate Professor, Department of Ecological Engineering, Pukyong National University, South KoreaMarine peace park initiative as a tool for the collaborative management of ecological and economic resources in the western transboundary coastal area of South Korea
9Tatiana Borisova, Asst. Professor & Extension Specialist, Water Economics and Policy, Food and Resource Economics, UFWater Issues in Southern US: A survey of public attitudes in 9 southern states
16Tom Swihart, Author & former head of the Office of Water Policy, FDEPFlorida’s Water: A Fragile Resource in a Vulnerable State
30Dan Dourte, Research & Extension Assoc., Agricultural & Biological Engineering, UFWater Footprint: metaphor or management tool?

Students may register for 1 hour credit under SWS 4932/section 7076, SWS 6932/section 1506, or ENV 6935/section 7454.