Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar

Fall 2012 Schedule

Wednesdays 11:45 – 12:35 pm, Phelps Lab Seminar Room
Public is welcome & Students may register for 1 credit: SOS 6932 or ENV 6935

22Mark Brown, Professor, Env. Eng. Sciences
Mark Clark, Assistant professor, Soil and Water Sciences
Introduction… food for thought
29Louise Venne, Ph.D. Graduate, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, UFWading bird response to fire in the everglades
(no recording)
5Lisa G. Chambers, Ph.D. Graduate, Soil and Water Science Department, UFCoastal wetlands and sea level rise: the biogeochemical effects of increased salinity and inundation on soil carbon
12Kathleen McKee, Research Coordinator, Water Institute, UFSustainable water in a changing hydrologic cycle
19Stefan Gerber, Asst. Professor, Soil and Water Sciences, UFModeling Effects of Nitrogen Availability and Land-Use on Land Carbon Sequestration
26Bob Knight, Director, H. T. Odum Florida Springs Institute & President, Wetlands Solutions, Inc.HTO’s Springs Legacy
3Flavio Hazan, Ph.D. candidate, ABE, UF & Program for Resource Efficient CommunitiesEvaluating master planned communities’ design impacts on water quality using the Watershed Assessment Model (WAM): The Restoration project case study
10Angelique Bochnak, Environmental Scientist IV, St. Johns River Water Mgmt DistrictThe impact of water resource management on ecohydrology of peat-based wetland ecosystems
17Ann Shortelle, Executive Director, Suwannee River Water Management DistrictMinimum Flows and Levels: A Wild Ride Down the River
24Andrew LoSchiavo, Adaptive Management Coordinator for Everglades Restoration Program, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville, FLWhat is Adaptive Management? and How is science used in ecosystem restoration decision?
31David Kaplan, Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UFFlow Rating Curves in the Everglades ridge and slough mosaic: Exploring Landscape-Scale Hydraulic Geometry
7Joseph Delesantro, graduate student, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, UFDisentangling the effects of mean water level and hydrologic variation on wetland structure and function
14David Pfahler, Ph.D. candidate, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UFMaximizing sustainable production: Balancing water, carbon, and energy at the watershed scale
28Chris Keller, Project Manager & Environmental Engineer, Wetland Solutions, Inc.Groundwater recharge wetlands