Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar

Fall 2013 Schedule

Wednesdays 11:45 – 12:35 pm, Phelps Lab Seminar Room
The public is welcome & students may register for 1 credit: SOS 6932 or ENV 6935

21Mark Brown, Professor, Env. Eng. Sciences
Mark Clark, Associate professor, Soil and Water Science
Introduction… food for thought
28Mark Clark, Associate Professor, Soil and Water ScienceAn update on numeric nutrient criteria and a primer on managing water quality in the state of Florida
4No seminarThe 14th Annual Soil and Water Science Research Forum was on Friday, September 6
11Simone Athayde, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Center for Latin American Studies, UFWho owns the rivers? Hydroelectric energy, climate change and the future of the Amazon
18Vimala Nair, Research Professor, Soil and Water Sciences, UFNew approaches for predicting phosphorus release from wetland soils
25Jane Southworth, Professor, Geography, UFClimate variability and vegetation change in southern Africa
2Corene J. Matyas, Associate Professor, Geography, UFTropical cyclone rainfall over land
9David Kaplan, Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering SciencesEvidence for a significant nexus between isolated wetlands and downstream water bodies
16Brett Goodman, Senior Project Engineer, Jones Edmunds & Associates , Inc.Recovery and prevention strategies for the Clay-Putnam area lakes
23Shirley Baker, Associate Professor, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, UFPreparing for climate change: Bivalve aquaculture in Florida
30Peter Frederick, Research Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, UFOyster reef restoration in the southeastern U.S.
6Neal Beery, PhD Candidate, Soil and Water Science, UFFloating treatment wetlands as a stormwater best management practice in North Central Florida
13Vibhava Srivastava, Water Institute, UF; PhD Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UFGeologic, vegetative and climatic controls on coupled hydrologic processes in a complex river basin: Lessons learned From a fully integrated hydrologic model
20Todd Osborne, Assistant Research Professor, Soil and Water Science, UFFlorida’s organic soil crisis: case studies for soil and water quality management