Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar

Spring 2020 Schedule

Wednesdays, 11:45 – 12:35 PM, Phelps Lab 101
Brown bag (bring lunch if you’d like), the public is welcome & students may register for 1 credit:
ENV 6935, SWS 4932, or SWS 6932, or online: contact mjsisk@ufl.edu for SWS section #

8Christine Angelini, Assistant Professor, EES
Mark Brown, Professor Emeritus, EES
Mark Clark, Associate Professor, SWS
David Kaplan, Associate Professor, EES
Introduction to the seminar series…food for thought
15Tracy Fanara, Program Manager, Environmental Health, Mote Marine LaboratoryCombating Chaos through Community, Communication, and Conservation
22Daniel Canfield, Professor, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, UFRestoration of Lake Okeechobee – Mission Impossible!!!!!!!
29Chris Martinez, Associate Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UFImproving Dry Season Hydrological Forecasts by Utilities of the Florida Water and Climate Alliance using Remotely Sensed Data and Regional Climate Models
5Todd Bridges, Senior Research Scientist U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, MSEngineering With Nature for Sustainable Systems
12Amanda Subalusky, Assistant Professor Department of Biology, UFUsing Experimental Streams to Understand Animal Effects on Stream Ecosystems
19Peter N. Adams, Associate Professor Department of Geological Sciences, UFHurricane-Driven Dune Retreat and Inhibited Beach Recovery at Matanzas Inlet, Florida Atlantic Coast
26No seminarSeminar will not be held this week due to the UF Water Institute Symposium
11Mathew Liebold, Professor Department of Biology, UFRethinking Metacommunity Ecology and Community Assembly of Plankton in Lakes
18Mark Brown, Professor Emeritus Environmental Engineering Sciences, UFLife Cycle Inventory of the USA Seafood Supply Chain: Progress to date
25Cathy Chamberlin, University Program in Ecology, Duke UniversityThe Role of Ecology in Creating Diel Nitrate Concentration Patterns in Streams and Rivers
1Jonathan Judy, Assistant Professor Soil and Water Sciences, UFUltrafine Particulate/Colloidal Nutrient Transport and its
Potential Contribution to Nutrient Fluxes
8Royal Gardner, Professor of Law and Director Institute for Biodiversity Law and Policy, Stetson University, Gulfport, FLPOTUS, SCOTUS, and WOTUS: The Clean Water Act in the Era of Trump