Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar

Spring 2017 Schedule

Wednesdays, 11:45 – 12:35 PM, Phelps Lab 101
Brown bag (bring lunch if you’d like), the public is welcome & students may register for 1 credit:
ENV 6935, SWS 6932, or online: contact mjsisk@ufl.edu for section #

4Christine Angelini, Assistant Professor, EES
Mark Brown, Professor Emeritus, EES
Mark Clark, Associate Professor, SWS
David Kaplan, Assistant Professor, EES
Introduction to the seminar series…food for thought
11Arnoldo Valle-Levinson, Professor, Civil and Coastal Engineering, UFWhy is ocean circulation influential on the quality of coastal aquifers?
18Paul Gader, Professor, Computer & Information Science & Engineering, UFHyperspectral image analysis of coral reef benthic regions (audio only)
25Sean Sharp, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School Fellow, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UFGoing hog wild in the marsh: Resilience of southeastern salt marshes to novel disturbance regimes (no audio)
1Anna Normand, Sea Grant Knauss Fellow, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Soil and Water Sciences, UFThe real House of Cards from the eyes of a Sea Grant Legislative Fellow
8Bill Dunn, Partner and Principal Scientist, Dunn, Salsano & Vergara, LLCWhere is the water? Water budgets can be tricky
15Maitane Olabarrieta, Assistant Professor, Civil and Coastal Engineering, UFImpacts of Hurricane Matthew 2016 in Matanzas Inlet and adjacent beaches
22Mark Clark, Associate Professor, Soil and Water Sciences, UFJoe Rains Beach Living Shoreline and Canal Enhancement: A Demonstration/Mitigation Project in Cedar Key to Mitigate Coastal Erosion and Enhance Ecological Function
1Savanna Barry, Regional Specialized Sea Grant Agent, Nature Coast Biological Station, Cedar Key, FLSeagrasses of the Florida Big Bend: Ecology, resilience, and threats
15Corey Anderson, Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GAUntangling predictors of the spatial occurrence of Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) in the Coastal Plain of Georgia
22David Kaplan, Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UFFrom salamanders to greenhouse gas emissions: Effects of upland forest management on wetland functions
29Thomas Bianchi, Jon and Beverly Thompson Endowed Chair of Geological Sciences , UFDeltas and Humans: a long real relationship now threatened by global change
5Laura Reynolds, Assistant Professor, Coastal Ecology, Soil and Water Sciences, UFUsing genetic diversity to increase the success of seagrass restoration
12Scott J. Wasman, Research Assistant Professor, Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment, ESSIE, UFCoastal geotechnics of re-engineered living shorelines