Ecology of extended phenotypes: stressor effects on coral hosts and their microbiomes

Anya Brown, Assistant Professor, Department of Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis

Join us for the livestream April 17th, 11:45am ET:

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Much of my work considers microbes as part of a host’s extended phenotype, or a trait of the host. The questions that I ask focus on the implications of variation of traits (including microbes) for organisms, populations and communities. Much of my work is focused on tropical corals and coral reefs.  Corals show fantastic amounts of variation: among species, within species and in their physiology, their symbionts and response to stressors. In this seminar I will focus on the implications of intraspecific variation on coral populations and reef communities.


Anya Brown is a new Assistant Professor at UC Davis in the Department of Evolution and Ecology, based at the Bodega Marine Lab. She received her master’s from Cal State Northridge, and her PhD from the University of Georgia. She received two competitive post-doctoral fellowships before starting her current position, the John J. and Katherine C. Ewel Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at the University of Florida and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Postdoctoral Scholar Program in Woods Hole.