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Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar
Spring 2016 Schedule

Wednesdays, 11:45 – 12:35 PM, Phelps Lab 101
Brown bag (bring lunch if you'd like), the public is welcome & students may register for 1 credit:
ENV 6935, SWS 4932, SWS 6931, or online: contact for section #


6 Mark Brown, Professor, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UF &
Mark Clark, Associate Professor, Soil and Water Science
Introduction to the seminar for thought
13 Charles Nealis, recent PhD graduate, Soil and Water Science Department, UF Managing expectations: Creating a community-based storm water pond management program
20 Grant Weinkam, recent PhD graduate, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UF Phosphorus fate in long-term effluent irrigated landscapes
27 Thomas E. Arnold, PhD candidate, Geological Sciences, UF Reconstructing Pleistocene climate with hydrogen and carbon isotopes of leaf waxes


3 Mark Brown, Professor, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UF Estimated impacts from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Release on High Marsh Systems in Mississippi: A systems modelling approach
10 Carolina Joana da Silva Nogueira Professor, Mato Grosso State University Challenges for biodiverty conservation in Pantanal and Amazon (Guapore) wetlands
16-17 Water Institute Symposium 5th University of Florida Water Institute Symposium

Joelle Laing, PhD candidate, School of Natural Resources and Environment, UF

Restoration strategies for submerged aquatic vegetation in sites high in sediment organic matter


9 Courtney Reijo, PhD candidate, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, UF Effects of snail (Elimia floridensis) grazing on stream ecosystem metabolism and nitrogen cycling at nutrient levels below ambient
16 Wesley Henson, PhD candidate, Agricultural & Biological Engineering, UF Nitrate transformation and delivery in complex karst terrain
23 San Arden, PhD candidate, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UF Emergy accounting for the urban water system
30 Christine Angelini, Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UF Restoring the Eastern oyster in Florida: using the past to inform the future


6 Miles Medina, Doctoral Research Assistant, Agricultural & Biological Engineering, UF Assessing the values of water and its allocation under climate change scenarios using a biophysical approach
13 Kelsie Timpe, MS student, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UF Quantifying the hydrological impacts of damming the Amazon
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