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Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar
Spring 2014 Schedule

Wednesdays, 11:45 – 12:35 PM, Phelps Lab 101
Brown bag (bring lunch if you'd like), the public is welcome & students may register for 1 credit:
ENV 6935 sect. 06AH, SWS 4932 sect. 022D, SWS 6932 sect. 9241, or online: contact for section #


8 Mark Brown, Professor, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UF &
Mark Clark, Associate Professor, SWS for thought (audio only)
15 Marco Raugei, Technology, Design & Environment, Oxford Brookes University, UK Prospective analysis of the environmental performance of photovoltaics: the devil is in the details
22 Xioabin Dong, Resources Science & Technology, Beijing Normal University, China Systems ecology progress: A case study of the grassland in Inner Mongolia
29 Rafael Muñoz-Carpena, Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UF A simplified approach for simulating changes in beach habitat due to the combined effects of long-term sea level rise, storm erosion, and nourishment


5 Roney Gutierrez, Assistant State Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Florida Easement Programs Restoring Florida's historical wetlands by the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service
12 No seminar due to the 4th UF Water Institute Symposium Water Supply Planning in a Non-Stationary World
(presentations all day, Reitz Union Ballroom)
19 Rao Mylavarapu, Professor, Soil & Nutrient Management, Soil and Water Science, UF Rainfed agricultural watersheds and management in India

William Kenney, Associate in Biogeochemistry, Land Use and Environmental Change Institute, UF

A whole-basin, mass-balance approach for identifying critical phosphorus-loading thresholds in shallow lakes


12 Margaret H. "Peggy" Carr, Associate Dean & Professor, College of Design, Construction and Planning, UF The potential impact of sea level rise on land use in Florida – 3 population allocation scenarios
19 Glenn Acomb, Department of Landscape Architecture and The Program for Resource Efficient Communities, UF The EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge project submittal for 2014
26 Matt Cohen, Associate Professor, School of Forest Resources & Conservation, UF On flux and demand: Nutrient limitation in streams and rivers


2 Todd Osborne, Assistant Professor, Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, UF Examining the effects of climate change on the Matanzas River Estuary
9 William J. Mitsch, Director of Everglades Wetland Research Park, Naples FL; Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University Wetlands and water quality: Large-scale, long-term watershed restorations in the Midwest and Florida Everglades
16 Shannon Duffy, MS student, Soil and Water Science, UF Litter decomposition's role in nutrient dynamics of three Florida marshes
University of Florida College of Engineering

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