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Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar
Spring 2010 Schedule

Wednesdays 11:45 - 12:35 pm, Phelps Lab Seminar Room
Public is welcome & Students may register for 1 credit: SOS 6932, sec.9241


6 Mark Brown, Professor EES Mark Clark, Asst. professor, SWS Introduction... food for thought
13 Erich Marzolf, Environmental Specialist VI, St. John’s River Water Management District The use of rough fish removal as a lake restoration tool in Florida
20 Gregory Kiker, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Ag. and Biological Engineering, UF Use of multi-Scale models, data and scenario projections to reduce risk of climate change effects and human disturbances on the distribution of endangered shorebirds on Florida military installations
27 Treavor Boyer, Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering Sciences, UF Floating island treatment system (FITS): Phosphorus removal from organic-rich surface water


3 Jennifer Mitchell, Postdoctoral associate, Soil and Water Science, UF The influence of exotic Chinese Privet on nutrient cycling in riparian forests
10 L. Rex Ellis, Assistant Research Professor, Soil and Water Science, UF Subaqueous soils: extending the USDA/NRCS soil survey into aquatic habitats
17 Pierce Jones, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UF Development, landscaping and water in Florida
24 Sylvia Lang-Josan, PhD student, Soil and Water Science, UF Using green roofs to manage stormwater quantity and quality: how effective are they?


3 Richard Hamann, Associate in Law, Center for Governmental Responsibility, UF Comprehensive regional water management: the Florida experience (no slideshow at this seminar, so only audio)
17 Katrina Schwartz, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science, UF Questioning the consensus paradigm in ecosystem-based management: the case of Picayune Strand
24 Ed Dunne, PhD, Supervising Environmental Scientist, St. John’s River Water Mgmt District A multipronged approach to managing a subtropical lake, its wetlands and watershed
31 Alexander Cheesman, PhD student, Soil and Water Sciences, UF Sources and nature of biogenic phosphorus in select freshwater wetlands


7 Jennifer Tallerico, Environmental Scientist III, BCI Engineers & Scientists, Inc., SJRWMD contractor Effects of salinity pulses on submerged aquatic vegetation in the Lower St Johns River
8 David Clayton, Environmental Scientist, NW Florida Water Management District Wetland restoration and the Northwest Florida Umbrella Regional Mitigation Plan
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