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Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar
Fall 2010 Schedule

Howard T. Odum Center for Wetlands
Conference Room, Phelps Lab
Wednesdays 11:45 - 12:35 pm

Click on titles to watch the recorded presentations.


25 Mark Brown, Professor, Env. Eng. Sciences & Mark Clark, Assistant professor, Soil and Water Sciences Introduction... food for thought


1 Andre Clewell, PhD, former FSU faculty, Pres. Emeritus of the Society for Ecological Restoration Lessons from Howards Prairie: Watershed Degradation and Restoration Approaches
8 Roy R. "Robin" Lewis III , President, Lewis Environmental Services, Inc., Salt Springs, FL

Seagrass conservation and restoration in Florida and the Caribbean Sea


Frank Baker, Environmental Scientist, Florida Watershed Coordinator, EPA

The watershed approach to water quality restoration - everyone is part of the problem, everyone is part of the solution (no audio)

22 Robert Hensley, PhD student, School of Natural Resources and Environment, UF Morphologic and vegetative controls on solute transport in Florida's spring-fed rivers

Mary Paulic, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

The Orange Creek Basin Management Action Plan: A tool for water quality restoration


6 Maria Lucia Silveira, Asst. Professor, Soil and Water Science, UF Pasture fertilization and water quality issues in South Florida
13 Bob Swett, Assoc. Professor, Forest Resources and Conservation, UF Coastal and marine spatial planning in Florida
20 Stuart Muller, PhD, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UF

An adaptive spatially-distributed water-quality model for the coastal Everglades

27 Peter Sheng, Associate in Research, Environmental Scientist, The Water Atlas, USF Effect of wetlands on storm surge and waves


3 David Kaplan , PhD, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UF An ecohydrological model to assess the restoration potential of a degraded bald cypress (Taxodium distichum [L.] Rich.) floodplain swamp in south Florida (postponed until 01/26/2011)

Jay Sah, Research Assoc., Southeast Environmental Research Center, FIU

The changing face of endangered species habitat management challenges in the Himalayan Foothill floodplains and Everglades wetland
17 Robert Virnstein, PhD, Seagrass Ecosystems Analysts The importance of macroalgae in seagrass ecosystems



Paul Monaghan, Asst. Professor, Agricultural Education & Communication, UF

Residential landscaping behavior and water quality in Florida: barriers to sustainability and opportunities for change

Students may register for 1 hour credit under SWS 4932/section 7076, SWS 6932/section 1506.

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