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Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar
Fall 2008 Schedule

Howard T. Odum Center for Wetlands
Conference Room, Phelps Lab
Wednesdays 11:45 - 12:35 pm

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27 Mark Brown, Interim Director, Center for Wetlands & Mark Clark, Assistant professor, UF Soil and Water Sciences Introduction... food for thought


3 Jonathon Martin, Professor, UF Geological Sciences The subterranean estuary: What are the magnitudes of submarine groundwater discharge, what are sources of water, how much elemental cycling occurs, and are nutrient fluxes important?
10 Daniel McLaughlin, Doctoral Candidate, Environmental Engineering Sciences Ecohydrologic evaluation of wetlands on clay settling areas
17 John Burns, Principal Scientist, MACTEC Engineering & Consulting, Inc.

Cyanobacteria - An international perspective on the world's need for water


24 Vicky Hoge,Environmental Scientist IV, St. John’s River Water Management District The use of liquid alum and alum residual to reduce phosphorus loading in the Lake Apopka and Upper Ocklawaha River basins


1 Bob Knight, President & Enviornmental Scientist, Wetland Solutions, Inc. Engineered wetlands for mitigation of regional groundwater contamination by nitrate nitrogen
8 Mark Brown , Professor, UF Environmental Engineering Sciences The Value of Water: Environmental accounting for full cost recovery
15 Claire L. Schelske, Professor Emeritus, UF Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences

A new look at the abrupt change in primary producers in Lake Apopka


22 Dean Dobberfuhl, PhD, Technical Program Manager, St. John’s River Water Management District Effects of urban development on tributaries of the Lower St. Johns River, Florida
29 Mark Hostetler, Associate Professor, UF Wildlife Ecology and Conservation WHY THE HECK SHOULD I MOW MY LAWN? Thoughts, policies, and research on developing and maintaining sustainable communities


5 Brian Katz, Research Hydrologist, USGS Tallahassee Estimating nitrogen loading to ground water and assessing vulnerability to nitrate contamination in the karstic Ichetucknee Springs Basin
12 Vic Engel, Hydrologist, Everglades National Park & Michael Sukop and Shadab Anwar, FIU Dept. of Earth Sciences A Overview of two regional stormwater treatment facilities designed to treat agricultural runoff in the TCAA
19 Tom Frazer, Associate Professor, UF Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences Is increased nutrient delivery compromising the ecological integrity of Florida's spring-fed coastal rivers?


3 Mark Rains, Associate Professor, Department of Geology, University of South Florida Controls on physical and chemical hydrology and associated ecological structure and function in barrier island mangroves, Indian River Lagoon, Florida

Students may register for 1 hour credit under SOS 6932 section 1506 or
ENV 6935 section 9041

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